Maximize the cash value of your life insurance policy

Interested in taking out cash from your life insurance? Our cash value life insurance policy is the perfect plan for you. Protect your family in the future and take out tax-free retirement income with just one easy monthly premium.


I got a great recommendation for a life insurance product that suits my needs and the process was very clear. Really happy with the final outcome. Highly recommend Amplify!"

Mike P.

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Why go with a cash value life insurance policy?

Simple, to build tax-free wealth.

With cash value life insurance, your monthly premium offers both a death benefit to your loved ones and an opportunity to earn returns on the market through investing. Here are some of the benefits:

  1. Flexible premium
  2. Growth with no losses (cap of 9% and floor of 0%)\*
  3. Tax-free returns
  4. No income limit (unlike a Roth IRA)
  5. Access your coverage immediately for health emergencies

How does this work? Most of your premiums are invested in an account that grows on average 6-8% and can be accessed tax-free for whatever you wish. The rest of your premiums pay for your cost of insurance, which gives you a death benefit that you can use for health emergencies or pass along to your loved ones. For just $50-100 a month, you can save for your future and protect yourself and your family. Sounds like a win-win to me.


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