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Jan 6, 20234 min

Why Individuals Should Choose Amplify Life Insurance

Why Individuals Should Choose Amplify Life Insurance

Amplify is revolutionizing the universal life insurance space. As the first insurtech to simplify access to these types of policies, we are setting a new standard for the insurance industry. We create solutions our customers can be confident in and we have a company full of amazing and dedicated people who want to help everyone find the policy that suits them and their families best. 

Here are the main reasons people should go with Amplify.

Get a Quote Online in 5 Minutes. 

This is transformative. For years, wealthy people in the US have been accessing index universal life insurance policies (IUL) and variable universal life insurance policies (VUL). Before Amplify most people would need to work with a financial advisor or find a very qualified life insurance agent to get these policies. The process of getting an IUL or VUL has been streamlined to make it easy for everyone to see if they are eligible through Amplify’s easy-to-access online tools.

We Understand IULs and VULs

Our leadership team has years of experience in the industry and personally examines every IUL and VUL carrier we work with. We’ve built an expert board of directors that includes individuals like the former insurance commissioner of Ohio. And, we hire our agents based on their universal life experience and expertise and train them to be fully dedicated to finding the best policy for each individual. We do this because we believe in the power of these tools. We know how, when properly structured, they can help families build generational wealth and protect their loved ones for years to come. In addition to having a top-notch team internally, the former insurance commissioner of Ohio sits on our board of directors. 

We Want to Help Everyone:

  1. Protect their families
  2. Build cash in their policies that they can use to replace income, supplement retirement, pay for kids' college tuition, pay for long term care or buy that vacation home they’ve always dreamed of.
  3. Reduce their taxes later in life by taking full advantage of the tax efficiencies IUL and VUL policies allow for.

We Care About Getting People Into the Right Policy

You’re probably asking how you could believe this. You could look at our reviews on TrustPilot or you could look at how we structure our policies. But let us break this down further. It’s a little technical, but it’s super important whether you get your policy through Amplify or through another provider. One of the best ways to see if your insurance company has your best interests at heart is in the way the policy is built and quoted. Many insurance companies will quote minimally funded policies. Minimal funding makes the quote seem cheaper but it undermines the benefits IULs and VULs deliver. It minimizes the amount of cash that can be grown in your policy which could lead you into a tough place when you go to access your cash-value later in life for retirement, long term care, or your child’s college tuition. Minimally funded policies can also put your policy at greater risk of lapse in the later years. For this reason, we have our agents quote targets or max funded policies. And we do this because it’s the right thing to do. It’s the more secure way to fund these policies and it gives you a much better chance to build generational wealth. If anyone quotes you a minimally funded policy we highly encourage you to look for a company who may be a little more concerned with making sure you get the policy you and your family need.

So, why Amplify?

The bottom line is, we care about our clients' needs more than lining our own pockets. We want to get you into the right policy for you and your family. And we’re able to do this because of our experience in the industry, our streamlined approach to getting you qualified, and our mission to revolutionize the insurance industry. Talk to one of our dedicated and experienced Amplify agents today to learn more and get a quote that is right for you.

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