Voice Signature Authorization

You will receive a copy of your application package including important notices and authorization. In connection with your estimate and any application submitted by Amplify Life Insurance Company (“Company”) at your request, it is understood and agreed that you have read or have been read the application and all statements and answers made or contained in this application and any supplements thereto, copies of which shall be attached to and made a part of any policy to be issued, are true and complete to the best of your knowledge and belief and made to induce Company or its insurance carrier partners to issue an insurance policy.

The statements and answers in the application are the basis for any policy issued through the Company and no information about you will be considered to have been given to the Company or its carrier partners unless it is stated in the application.  

No agent or other person associated with the Company has power to: accept insurance risk; make or modify contracts; make, void, waive or change any conditions or provisions of the application, policy, or delivery receipt, as applicable; waive any of Company’s or its carriers’ rights or requirements; waive any information the Company or its carriers request; discharge any contract of insurance; or bind the Company or its carriers by making promises respecting benefits upon any policy to be issued.  

You agree that insurance coverage will not begin unless all persons proposed for insurance are living and insurable as set forth in the application at the time a policy is delivered to and accepted by you and the first modal premium is paid.